Thursday, January 18, 2018


I recently read the amazing book by Ray Dalio called Principles. I highly recommend it. I took the advice in that book and started putting together a list of my principles. I expect this to evolve as years pass. Some of them are cryptic. Get in touch with me and I will explain!

1. Focus. Time is the most scarce resource. Once spent, it will never come back.Say no. Do right things well.

2. Simplify. No shit is easy. But it need not be complicated either.

3. Better to keep moving than stand still.
    “I am moving forward with this plan until I hear otherwise.”

4. Barrels and Ammunition. Barrels take an idea from conception all the way to shipping and bring people with them. Be a Barrel.

5. Favor Action over perfection.

6. Invest in learning faster. Move fast and break things. Actively seek criticism to poke holes in your ideas.

7. Come from Data and Materiality. Remove emotions. In God I trust, all others bring data.

8. Work at the intersection of What you are Good At, Enjoy Doing, will Create Value for the World.

9. Be Effective
    Time most scarce resource
    Measure Results, Contributions not Effort
    Make Strengths Productive
    First things First
    Make decisions

10. Do not answer executive questions qualitatively. Answer with results, contributions.
Exec: “How is your hiring going?”
Bad Answer: “Good”
Good Answer: “Reviewed 10 resumes, phone screened 3, scheduled 1 onsite next week.”

11. Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose for the team

12. Push authority towards  information

13. Control comes from Competency comes from Clarity

14. It is okay to not have all the answers. You never will.

15. Two biggest barriers to good decision making; ego and blind spots.

16. Build culture to take orders in the absence of orders.
Start Cultural Revolution:
    Keep what works
    Create shocking rules
    Incorporate ppl from other cultures and insert them at high levels within org
    Make decisions that demonstrate priorities

17. You don’t have to be liked in the short run, you DO have to be liked in the long run. Don’t shy away from being unpopular. Utilize throwing temper tantrums as a mode of communication.

18. Privilege, Luck, Skill, Hard work

19. Right Decisions come from Experience comes from Wrong Decisions

20. CEOs always act on leading indicators of good news, but only act on lagging indicators of bad news. Optimists most certainly do not listen to leading indicators of bad news. That is human nature.

21. There are only two ways in which a manager can impact an employee’s output: motivation and training. Providing both are the manager’s responsibility.

22. Manager’s output = Output of his org + Output of neighboring orgs under his influence

23. Design orgs using the communication channels as the skeleton. Design it for the people, not the managers.

24. Heighten the conflict where you see it. This will help bring up real issues and resolve instead of covering up.

25. The three areas in which all great leaders must excel: clarity of thought / communication, judgment about people, and personal integrity / commitment

26. Hire for world-class strengths, rather than lack of weaknesses.

27. Pain + Reflection = Progress.

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